Mainfreight Customs in Saint-Petersburg

Mainfreight Customs in Sint-Petersburg

On August 9th Mainfreight Customs in Saint-Petersburg received the certificate of inclusion in the register of Customs Representatives №0607/00. Mainfreight Customs is ready to provide customs clearance services in Saint-Petersburg (all terminals and customs posts), in the North-Western region, also in Smolensk, Moscow, Novorossiysk (remote declaration).

Services Mainfreight Customs

From now on Mainfreight Customs is a full licensed Customs Representative. Mainfreight Customs deliver a high level of quality of services. Mainfreight Customs offers the following services:

  • Pre-Declaration
  • Electronic Declaration and Remote Declaration
  • Certification: certificate of conformity, the Declaration of conformity etc.
  • Documentation correction value
  • Custom card
  • Legal support
  • Special service: classification decisions of the Federal Customs Service (FTS).

Customs operations Mainfreight Customs

Mainfreight Customs has the right to practice a professional activity in the sphere of customs in accordance with the Customs Code of the Customs Union, without limits on all types of goods cleared in accordance with the HS code of the customs Union, for all types of transport, by region and by all kinds of customs operations.

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