Mainfreight Russia starts cooperation with REC

Russian Export Center

Starting from 2017, Mainfreight Russia will start a cooperation with Russian Export Center ( 

Russian Export Center is a state body dedicated to support non-oil and gas exports from Russia offering a wide range of financial and nonfinancial services. REC is able to deal with ministries and state agencies as well as with key industry and commercial organizations in order to facilitate exporting process and to help the exporters to overcome any international trade obstacles they may encounter.
Russian Export Center is eager to work for any type of non-oil and gas products exporters of any industry and to provide support on any stage of their activity starting from planning and up to postcontract services including e-commerce.
Russia is aiming to diminish the international market high volatility negative effects on its economy by means of non-oil and gas exports. Therefore the best way to achieve this goal is to encourage new exporters to trade actively and to enhance their competitive abilities. Consequently Russia is building a strategy for non-oil and gas products exporters support, and REC is the key element of this strategy.
Mainfreight Russia will proudly participate in this initiative, and provide exporters with its services and expertize in international transportation and customs clearance.

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