Empowering Romania as the Eastgate trade hub of Europe

European Gateways Platform, a public-private partnership between authorities and companies from Romania and the Netherlands hosted the Seventh Logistics Seminar in Bucharest, May the 18th in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest. The leading supply chain and logistics expert company Archicom has been requested to develop the content of the seminar in close collaboration with other companies and authorities, the Dutch-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch-Romanian Network. The seminar aimed at all decision makers from shippers, traders, logistics companies, distributors, and authorities and services suppliers.

Amongst these companies Wim Bosman has joined the event as a sponsor having also its own presentation stand. Our delegation was composed of: Emil Ion, Managing Director, Daniel Tanase, Director Operations, Thomas Bijl, Business Development Manager, Mario Schoofs, C.C.O. Wim Bosman Group, Floris Proost, Team Leader Sales Support and Cezar Heltianu, Business Development Representative. Starting 9:20 A.M., Thomas Bijl, together with Gabriel Banica, Logistics Manager at Samsung Romania presented the Samsung business case on the total supply chain solution (concept, solutions used, implementation and results after 1 year) implemented in Romania by Wim Bosman SRL. The focus was on the inbound flows of Samsung towards Wim Bosman warehouse in Ploiesti and the lead times of those inbounds in particular. Wim Bosman SRL and Samsung reduced the lead time of the flows from 7 to 3 days with a 98% Samsung global KPI achievement. This successful lead time reduction was realized by several optimization projects and ultimately a very close collaboration between both companies.

Logistics efficiency has a wide range of topics, and this seminar focuses on three main issues hampering an efficient logistic solution bringing both the suppliers and the user’s advantages.

  • Domestic logistics network including inter-modal solutions
  • General conditions and regulations of logistic operations
  • ADR transport the ups and downs of this kind of operations
  • Efficient logistics soft measures (e.g. extended customs gate and VAT postponement)

For a detailed review and presentations please visit: http://www.logisticsportal.ro/seminars/index.asp?id=1532

Hereinafter are some pictures taken during the event.

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